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Mimi Goese manipulated her own considerable charm... Her performance was made up of a series of transformations each of which seemed to promise "Now you'll see the real me!", only to reveal another carefully constructed mask.

​​--Michael Rabkin​ High Performance

There's an implicit feminism in (the work) of Mimi Goese... She's interested in abandonment...

​ --Elizabeth Zimmer​ ​ Dance Magazine

The anarchic performance artist, Mimi Goese, offered "Tin Foil Sandwich", an inspired if frightening series of transformations from foil monster to blood stained ballerina...

​ --Jennifer Dunning​​ The New York Times

Goese ... made scary, haunting singing sounds and she blew the crowd away.

-- Laurie Stone The Village Voice

One of New York's wittiest and most challenging performance artists. Her shows are funny, yet confrontative. --Tom Murrin Cover Magazine

Goese plays a chameleon-like hostess ripping her way through layers of clothes in collusion with a cast which matched her weird comic brashness.

​​--Catherine Bush​​​​ The East Village Eye

Another performance full of fresh ideas is given by Mimi Goese...taking the kind of risks that are rare...wielding her blade, she reminds you of how far from the cutting edge some of her compatriots are.

​​--Ron Jenkins​​​ The Boston Phoenix

Goese has shown herself expert at literally and figuratively peeling away layers of appearances and finding amazing depths of mystery and meaning in the process. This time her signature combination of pretty and horrifying ingredients was so keenly arranged, so perfectly choreographed, the forces of light and dark bled into one another mercuially, leaving a brilliant polished mirror of life.

-- Robert Greskovic New York Native